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the InvertiGro story

Co-founders Ben Lee and Paul Millett, established InvertiGro in 2017 with the mission to

“feed the world the smarter way”

Essentially, to grow more, with less:


- Reliably higher yields of tastier

and more nutritious fresh produce

- With less water, land and waste;

fewer food miles and packaging;

- No herbicides or pesticides;

- Independent of climate extremes

and supply-chain disruptions.


At the time of conception, indoor vertical farming was (and in many respects still is) in its infancy. The need for, and benefits of, indoor vertical farming were evident .. however the solutions were often debated or dismissed due to their high cost of capital, high operating costs and their complexity to establish and optimise. So, rather than simply be a me-too, InvertiGro set out to innovate solutions that address the issues commonly associated with indoor farming.

The InvertiGro team now brings together a multi-disciplined collection of individuals with commercial and educational experience as diverse as their career paths (including: agronomy and accounting, software and supply chains, engineering and entrepreneuring).


We are modern-farmers in the true sense of the word; innovating to design solutions that will enable others (around the globe .. and potentially elsewhere!) to sustainably and profitably deliver fresh, nutritious, herbicide and pesticide-free produce.


InvertriGro is proud to now be able to offer integrated indoor vertical farming systems that are affordable (cost efficient to set up and resource efficient to operate), modular (to be able to scale production quickly as business demands), flexible (allowing users to easily switch between crops as needed) and smart (fully supported and simple to operate without the need for specialist know-how).

Ready to ‘Feed the World the Smarter Way’.

InvertiGro Co-Founders:

Ben Lee and Paul Millett

Feeding the World the Smarter Way

2021 Australian Agripreneur of the Year

2021 FoodTech 500

2022 Climate Tech 100

2022 World Vertical Farming Awards (finalist)

2022 InnovationAus Awards (winner)

2022 Australian Technologies Competition (winner)

The Australian's Top 100 Innovators - 2023

just some of the highlights on our journey to date


InvertiGro was founded by Ben Lee and Paul Millett in Sydney, Australia with the mission to Feed the World the Smarter Way.




InvertiGro was selected to participate in Cicada Innovation's GrowLab accelerator program



InvertiGro partnered with Mirvac and Farmwall to participate in the award-winning Cultivate urban farming showcase at Westpac's Sydney  headquarters 

2020 Food Bow logo.png


InvertiGro was selected to participate in the GROW Singapore Food Bowl Program addressing their 30x30 food security agenda



InvertiGro technology was chosen to feed the Sensoria Mars Mission at NASA JPL's HiSeas Simulator in Hawaii

Future Agro logo.jpg


InvertiGro earned the title of  "2021 Australian Agripreneur of the Year" - The first time a vertical farm has taken out the award

WOW metro logo park sydney.jpg


InvertiGro partners with Australia's leading grocery retailer, Woolworths for Australia's first in-supermarket vertical farm

Cleantech 100.png


InvertiGro was named among the 100 most promising Climate Tech startups in the region from Energy and the Environment to Agri-Food and Mobility

Vertical Farming Awards finalist.png


World Vertical Farming Awards finalist for 'Best Retail Innovation" as demonstrated by the Woolworths  in-store farming partnership.

The Australian.jpg


The Australian names InvertiGro among the Top 100 Innovators across all industries

Ginninderry IVW small.png


InvertiGro partners with Ginninderry sustainable development project to deliver Canberra's first Indoor Vertical Farm

Fresh champignon mushrooms isolated on w
FoodTech 500 - 2021 _edited_edited.jpg


InvertiGro was named among the most inspirational businesses showcasing global entrepreneurial talent at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability.

ATC 2022 winner .png


Winner: Australian Technologies Competition for innovation in Supply Chain Resilience


* InvertiGro Pilot Farm invites customer partner participation 

* InvertiGro invites investor interest for Series A

Stock Exchange

Wanting to make an impact

with your investments?

If you're keen to shape a greener future and share in InvertiGro's success

contact us: [email protected]

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