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InvertiGro Urban Farming Showcase

Cultivating Fresh Ideas in the City

Imagine a productive, sustainable farm growing in the basement of one of Australia’s largest banks. Pop in to our pop-up farm underneath Westpac bank’s Sydney headquarters (Sussex Lane, Shop 10, 275 Kent Street Sydney) to see InvertiGro’s innovative indoor farming solutions in action.

In partnership with Farmwall, Mirvac and Westpac, InvertiGro are proud to be part of the Cultivate urban farming pop-up initiative. The Indoor Farming showcase aims to educate and inspire innovative and sustainable ways for growing food in urban settings.

The project demonstrates how underutilised spaces in the most unlikely places can be used to house productive urban farms. InvertiGro’s innovative indoor farming solutions can be used to quickly transform excess warehouse space, disused car parks and other suitable indoor spaces into commercial-scale farms.

The InvertiCube on display is used to cultivate a variety of crops from basil and coriander to lettuces and kale. The InvertiGro list of crops now tops 50 different types of fresh herbs, leafy greens, flowers, berries and more. Each of these crops can be grown herbicide and pesticide-free with significantly less land, water and food miles than traditional farming. Predictable and reliable crops can be grown year-round and out of season, with higher yields, flavour and nutritional value. In short, these solutions are a win for people, planet and producers!

The Cultivate Urban Indoor Farm is open to the public Monday to Friday, with interactive (pre-booked) workshops run on Wednesdays.

Come in and see the InvertiCube in action: Westpac - 275 Kent Street Sydney


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