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what is indoor vertical farming?

Indoor Vertical Farming is essentially exactly as the name suggests: farming on stacked surfaces in enclosed spaces, where the growing environment can be controlled.

InvertiGro's InvertiCube and InvertiWall systems use flood-drain hydroponics. 


Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil.


This highly efficient method of growing has many benefits:

- higher yields through faster grow cycles and smaller root systems;

- elimination of soil-borne pests and the need for pesticides,

- reduction in water requirements through water recycling and reuse within the system.


Growing hydroponically (and through extensive R&D), we are able  to deliver the optimum water and nutrient requirements directly to the plants’ roots to produce healthy, nutritious and reliable produce, without the need for fertilisers. In addition, given that hydroponic growing is conducted in a controlled, indoor environment, it allows for year-round growth, unaffected by any unpredictable environmental factors: floods, fires, droughts or pests.

MicroGreens growing in InvertiCube indoor vertical farming system
Coriander Cilantro Fresh Herbs InvertiGro
Spinach leaves fresh leafy greens InvertiGro fresh produce

why indoor vertical farming?

Indoor Vertical Farming has been identified as one of

the most efficient means of addressing

the global increase in demand

for sustainable and safe fresh produce,

whilst also tackling critical food security and supply chain issues.

Water efficient indoor vertical farming InvertiGro

water efficient

Highly efficient closed-loop systems use less than 5% of the water required by traditional agriculture.  

no pesticides or herbicides

InvertiGro's enclosed grow systems negate the need for chemical herbicides and pesticides, meaning no nasty run-offs. 

less food miles & waste

The ability to grow close to the point of consumption significantly reduces food miles and waste.

less land

Turn square metres into cubic metres! Growing vertically and utilising existing indoor spaces significantly reduces land clearing and leaves more land for nature. 

safe and secure

Clean, enclosed and controlled growing environments.


Shorter supply chains.  

grow year round

Independent of climate conditions and disruptions, provide the ability to grow out of season and out of region crops

reliable quality

Control over the growing environment results in predictable supplies of reliable quality fresh produce. 

future proofing

Feed growing urban populations, with diminishing natural resources and arable land.

Increasing demand (from growing populations) and diminishing resources, combined with external disruptions (from droughts to COVID) are reducing the reliability and sustainability of fresh produce supplies.

Growing urban populations
Increasing consumer demand for exotic fresh produce

Increasingly discerning consumers are fuelling demand for more exotic out-of-season, premium quality, pesticide-free produce and suppliers are increasingly conscious of the need to be more sustainable.

InvertiGro fresh produce herbs Sage Close Up

As a result, businesses are seeking simple, affordable and sustainable solutions to produce reliable supplies of quality fresh produce. InvertiGro delivers!

why InvertiGro?

InvertiGro brings a collection of innovations to the indoor vertical farming market conveniently offered as a cost-effective and easy-to-use end to end solution.


At the core of this solution is our completely novel hardware, the patented InvertiGro modular sealed grow units that deliver superior efficiencies and affordability.


In combination with our integrated sensors, controls, software and optimised crop recipes, our end to end solution removes the complexity and costly trial and error out of growing predictable and reliable quality fresh produce.

Affordable indoor vertical farming solution InvertiGro


Cost effective set up and operations;

delivers greater yields with less waste,


to provide a quicker path to profitability.

Scalable indoor vertical farming solution InvertiGro


Modular design allows businesses to start small and scale with business needs

Smart icon.png


Simple to operate supporting software and optimised crop recipes.


Resource efficient growing is good for the planet, people and producers. 

learn more about the InvertiGro solutions ... 

IVW in-store at WOW Park Sydney.jpg


Highly productive green-wall

Render InvertiGro InvertiCube indoor vertical farm warehouse


ipad screen.png

supporting services & tech

Modular commercial-scale indoor farm

Basil fresh herbs InvertiGro
icon Flexible indoor vertical farming solution InvertiGro


Grow a wide variety of crops.

Quickly and easily switch between crops.


Systems are designed for use anywhere on the planet and anywhere in the value chain.

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