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the invertiwall

The customisable InvertiWall is an aesthetically pleasing and space efficient, highly productive green wall. 

Ideally suited to smaller-scale commercial and community applications the InvertiWall indoor vertical farming system is equally at home in sustainable property developments and corporate offices as it is in restaurants, retail outlets, food courts, resorts, schools and aged care facilities. 

Enclosed grow columns rotate for optimal growth, energy efficiencies and aesthetics.


InvertiGro's patented high-density grow column design maximises the productive output and creates an attractive 'green wall' aesthetic.


The water-efficient closed loop irrigation system combines hydroponics and aeroponics to deliver exactly what the plants need, without waste or excess. 

Column rotations ensure that the plants also receive all the light (and shade) they need, whilst minimising the system's energy requirements. 

The InvertiWall's modular design allows for  customisation to your requirements (height and length); with the encasing cabinets also customisable to suit your colour scheme and decor.

The InvertiWall is the perfect productive architectural addition either against an existing wall or as a free-standing partition. 

IVW crop front on.jpg

the invertiwall advantages



User-friendly to operate without specialist know-how

Icon - Flexible


Grow a wide variety of crops

Suited to a wide variety of applications



Water, energy, time and space efficient


Made to measure

Customised cabinetry to suit your branding or decor

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don't take our word for it ...

“InvertiGro’s system is a really innovative way of farming ... with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and liveability, InvertiGro ticked all of Ginninderry’s boxes.."

Jessica Stewart

Sustainability Manager

Ginninderry Development

"Due to the very restrictive power and water allocation for the mission it was critical that the system be highly efficient. InvertiGro was the solution that met all of our needs ... 

It is robust, customisable and represents the cutting edge in modern automated hydroponics."

Dr J. J. Hastings


Sensoria Program

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