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InvertiGro support services

InvertiCube Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions

are fully enabled and supported

by our proprietary technology platform

and a comprehensive suite of support services. 

 operational services 

And the team can be deployed to help you for any length of time required to ensure our customers are ready to take over the reins, including:

  • Training and capability development

  • Operational commissioning and ramp-up support

  • Ongoing operational resourcing

  • Technical support and services

remote monitoring

and support


InvertiGro’s IoT technology stack enabled 24x7 remote support team, provides customers with complete confidence that their farms are in good hands, even when they are home asleep, including:

  • Remote monitoring, diagnostics and intervention

  • Operational and technical support

  • Agronomy support and customer projects

technology stack


InvertiGro’s proprietary IT/IoT technology stack provides an intuitive and user friendly environment to help our customers avoid the complexity and rapidly become highly efficient indoor vertical farmers. Key functionality includes:

  • Crop and farm scheduling

  • Inventory and asset management

  • Operational management

  • Monitoring, control and reporting   

  • Crop recipe library and automated deployment

operational consumables

and parts


To ensure consistency of production and maximal yields, InvertiGro delivers key inputs on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Seeds

  • Nutrients

  • Grow media

  • Net Pots and grow flats

  • Spare parts and Operational change parts

 advisory services 

InvertiGro provide a highly collaborative approach to co-designing the right business model for our clients, including:

  • Customer scoping assessments

  • Business Case modelling and development

  • Customer pilots and validation

 project services 

From business case to reality, the InvertiGro team take care of the process from design through to hand-over of an operating farm, including:

  • Facility design services

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Technical training and handover