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the inverticube

The InvertiGro commercial-scale indoor farming solution is built around our game-changing innovative grow modules, the InvertiCube.


Modular sealed grow cubes can be installed almost anywhere: from inner-city basements and car parks to warehouses in remote rural locations, without costly building modifications.


Internally, they can be configured, and easily reconfigured, to deliver the optimal growing conditions and resource efficiencies for a wide variety of crops including food, fibres, fodder and medicinal plants.


And with each cube designed for maximum crop density, the InvertiCube delivers greater crop yields per m2 than any competing system.

Operating on 24vDC power, our systems are compatible with renewable energy sources without conversion losses. Our LED lights are 'tuned', programmed and positioned for ultimate energy efficiency.


Additionally, its compatibility with standard pallet racking and materials handling equipment, allows the customer to scale infinitely, efficiently and affordably.


Together with our optimised crop recipes, our user-friendly software platform enables customers to easily and reliably plan and manage their crop production, without the need for skilled in-house expertise.


The InvertiGro plug and play end-to-end growing solution is: 

  • quicker and more affordable to set up and scale; 

  • simpler, more sustainable and cost-effective to operate, 

  • delivering higher yields, and 

  • greater crop flexibility,

than in-market alternatives. 


The InvertiCube delivers vertical farming that really stacks up!

Cube in farm with door open.jpg
cubes and forklift.jpg

the best of both worlds ...

No need to choose between vertical OR horizontal growing systems

- an InvertiGro farm can include both!

Internally, the InvertiCube can be configured to deliver maximum crop densities and input efficiencies;

... and can be easily reconfigured to allow maximum crop flexibility. 

InvertiCube Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions are fully enabled and supported

by our proprietary technology platform

and a comprehensive suite of support services. 

the InvertiGro difference

Icon - Affordable


Cost effective set up and operations;

delivers greater yields with less waste,


to provide a quicker path to profitability.



Modular design allows businesses to start small and scale with business needs

Icon - Flexible


Grow a wide variety of crops.

Quickly and easily switch between crops.


Systems are designed for use anywhere on the planet and anywhere in the value chain.

Smart icon.png


Simple to operate supporting software and optimised crop recipes.


Resource efficient growing is good for the planet, people and producers. 

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