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is proud to be partnering with

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to bring you Australia's first in-store vertical farm

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best retail innovation

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We are proud to be partnering with Australia’s Fresh Food People to bring

Woolworths Metro customers a hyperlocal, fresh and flavoursome herb range grown


of climate conditions

free from herbicides & pesticides

with less land, water & packaging,

fewer food miles & waste

from our farm to your store

resource-efficient farming

reducing food miles
to minutes

delivering fresh &
flavoursome herbs in-store

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Grown in InvertiGro’s sealed grow cubes with exactly what the plants need (nothing more and nothing less), herbs begin their life in InvertiGro’s Indoor Vertical Farm in Rosebery.

Fully mature plants are transported less than 2kms to the Metro Park Sydney store* for sale on the same day they are harvested and packed;

* and only 8km to Woolworths Metro Double Bay

Those herbs that still have a little more growing to do, are transplanted to InvertiGro’s in-store InvertiWall where Woolworths Metro Customers can see indoor farming in action and purchase hyperlocal living herbs. 

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InvertiGro is proud to have partnered with Woolworths Metro to bring Australia’s first in-store vertical farm to Park Sydney Village and Double Bay customers.


Under “the Urban Garden” branding, InvertiGro’s in-store InvertiWall showcases vertical farming in action.


Shoppers can see their herbs growing in-store with InvertiGro’s innovative farming technology; whilst also enjoying a fresh and flavoursome hyperlocal new herb range.


A showcase for innovative Australian indoor vertical farming solutions in action, this partnership introduces consumers, retailers and fresh-produce suppliers to the benefits and broader possibilities of indoor vertical farming; and how InvertiGro's technology can enable businesses to produce healthy, fresh produce .. Everywhere.  

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Basil adds a bold, slightly sweet flavour to pastas, pesto and pizza, cocktails and curries.



Coriander adds a fresh, floral flavour to stir-fries, sauces and salads from South East Asia to South America. 



Parsley has a clean and slightly peppery flavour that adds vibrance to everything from salads to seafoods and sauces.



Mint's cool fresh flavour lifts and brightens up everything from salads and sauces, from drinks to desert.

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currently supplying

Woolworths Metro

Park Sydney Village,

Double Bay & Randwick


 100% recyclable paper-based packaging

Herbs are a fabulous low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar way

to add flavour and colour to almost any dish

- sweet or savoury, from drinks to dessert. 

We invite you to try these tasty recipes

from the InvertiGro team:


coming soon.

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Enjoy these herby-recipes from our team 




herbicides or pesticides