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2021 Australian Agripreneur of the Year

The InvertiGro team is thrilled to have earned the title of “2021 Australian Agripreneur of the Year”.

This weekend (20 March 2020), CEO Ben Lee represented InvertiGro at the Australian Future Agro Challenge (AusFAC). AusFAC is an independently run national competition that searches for the” best solutions to the world’s food and farming challenges”.

Six finalists - AgTech entrepreneurs from across Australia representing a collection of “Australia’s most promising up-and-coming agriculture technology innovators”- were invited to pitch their innovative solutions to 21st century food and farming challenges to a panel of judges, and in front of an audience.

Going head-to-head against 5 amazing Australian AgTech innovators, over 5 ‘battle rounds’ of competitive pitches, Ben Lee represented the InvertiGro team in Bryon Bay to take out the title. In addition to presenting our unique solutions to help “feed the world the smarter way”, questions drilled down into the need for innovation in this space, the impact our innovations can deliver locally, nationally and globally; our business model and our capacity as a team to bring it all together.

It is the first time that an indoor urban farm has been awarded the title, so we are beyond thrilled to have come out on top!

As ‘2021 Australian Agripreneur of the Year’ InvertiGro is invited to represent leading Australian AgTech innovation at the Global Agripreneur’s Summit. The Future Agro Global challenge is ‘largest global competition in food, agtech and agriculture”.

Bringing together representatives from more than 60 countries, the Global Agripreneurs Summit is an annual event of agrifood innovators and leaders from around the world. It is an opportunity for farmers, agripreneurs, chefs, investors, organisations, policy makers and other thought leaders to come together to help bring life to game changing innovations and propel agriculture as a sustainable source of growth and economic development. It does this by inspiring local agripreneurial innovation ecosystems to support local agripreneurs and bring them to the frontlines to solve the broken food puzzle.

Although, due to COVID, the details of this year’s Global Agripreneur’s summit are yet to be confirmed, InvertiGro is ready for it!

AusFAC 2021 Agripreneur of the Year Finalists in Byron Bay:

8Corners, Ceres Tag, Farmer Meets Foodie, Anderson Horticulture, thingc robotics and InvertiGro - representing a wide range of ag-innovations from in-field to marketplace.

So what is an Agripreneur you ask?

Innovators and business leaders with a passion to "feed the world the smarter way". Through their Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Agripreneurs have the potential to contribute to a range of social and economic development such as employment generation, income generation, poverty reduction and improvements in nutrition, health and overall food security.


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