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The Future of Farming is Vertical

The only way is up:

InvertiGro's Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions Really Stack UP !

Almost one-third of the world’s farmable land has disappeared over the last four decades. Urgent and radical change to more sustainable farming practices is necessary to ensure we can continue to feed a growing global population.

As the world’s population grows by almost 83 million people each year, cities are expanding to accommodate them. Farming land gives way to housing and highways.

At the same time, today’s intensive and unsustainable farming practices are degrading the soils of the remaining farmable land. As a result, 10 million hectares of arable land are being lost each year, severely impacting the future viability of farming and food security as we know it.

Continual ploughing of fields and the heavy use of fertilizers associated with today’s farming practices is the most extensive driver of the land degradation that is undermining future food production, causing significant loss of biodiversity and intensifying climate change.

Current practices are clearly unsustainable and the need for change is clear.

The only way is up – The future of farming is vertical.

Indoor Vertical Farming Solutions produce higher yield, more reliable crops using less footprint and environment run-offs.

InvertiGro’s cost effective, fully-integrated and supported flexible indoor farming solutions bring the next generation of farming into the reach of many more than ever before.

Our modular systems can be arranged and scaled to suit existing indoor spaces including warehouses, disused factories, barns, even indoor carparks; reducing set-up and construction costs, whilst making the most efficient use of land.

InvertiGro’s fully-integrated (hardware and operating / monitoring software systems) are supported with 24/7 remote monitoring, local technicians, leading edge agronomists, aggregated learnings from across the InvertiGro community as well as on-going R&D, reducing or negating the need for costly on-site agronomists and in-house R&D teams.

Clever design including one-touch pick and plant, reduce manual labour costs. Whilst the entire system is designed for water and energy efficiencies to optimise resource-use and operating margins.

Controlled and predictable growing environments that can be located close to the consumer produce reliable crops year-round whilst dramatically reducing spoilage and wastage.

At InvertiGro we are driven by the pursuit of feeding the world the smarter way. Our systems enable businesses across the globe – even in the most unlikely spaces and harshest places – to become efficient, sustainable and profitable rural-scale farmers.


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