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InvertiGro Shaping Sydney's Sustainable Future

"Sustainable" is the key to our future.

InvertiGro is thrilled to have been included in the Sydney Morning Herald’s recent feature on sustainable futures and the ‘greening’ of Sydney. We are driven by the pursuit of 'Feeding the world the smarter way". InvertiGro indoor vertical farming solutions are designed to grow rural-scale fresh healthy produce as close to consumption as possible, with as little environmental footprint as possible.

... There are abundant opportunities for Sydney to introduce more green spaces, grow food in the city centre and become more sustainable. What’s required is co-operation between residents, business and the public sector ..

... “Sydney has so many great attributes such as our beautiful harbour and world class restaurants. These are strengths we should protect and enhance for locals and to attract visitors. Which is why we’re big advocates of greening the city, literally through green spaces, and also with green credentials.”

This includes water and nutrient recycling, introducing energy-efficient light sources and recycling plastics designed for the circular economy. Reducing or eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides, reducing waste and addressing “food miles” – the distance food travels to arrive on a diner’s plate – are other steps that could vastly improve the city’s liveability profile ...

“Bringing food production closer to home makes sense. As our population becomes more urbanised, the environmental and financial impacts of transporting produce rise.

“Meanwhile, traditional agricultural belts are facing the challenges of water shortages, climate extremes and declining land productivity. At the same time, once-productive land on the urban fringe is being increasingly developed for housing and other infrastructure. This coincides with concerns about the health and environmental impacts of large-scale commercial agriculture,” he argues.

Millett says greening the city relies on support at all levels. “Consumers are increasingly willing to switch to a greener lifestyle. But to make a real difference, initiatives need to be supported by businesses, investors and government.”

Read on for more about our innovative and sustainable indoor vertical farming solutions shaping the future of Sydney.


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