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InvertiGro on SBS World News

"Indoor Vertical Farms will be essential to feed Australia's growing population and for fresh export opportunities" - Fiona Simson, National Farmers Federation.

With the conundrum of how to sustainably scale up food production to help feed the world’s swelling population now reaching critical,

With the likes of Amazon, Ikea and Google investing hundreds of millions in Indoor Vertical Farming solutions overseas,

With the 2018 Farm Bill making new provisions to encourage urban, indoor and other emerging agricultural practices in the US,

With vertical farming start-ups – the likes of Aerofarms, Bowery and Plenty – already shaking up the international agricultural sector,

.. it is clear that the 'future of food production' revolution is here.

Australian AgTech innovators are at the forefront of sustainable and profitable food production solutions .. so now is the time that companies, like InvertiGro, are looking to seriously scale up and ensure that Australia leads the revolution, rather than risk being left behind.

To find out more about the investment opportunities in Australia’s agricultural revolution or to discuss the opportunities to future-proof our food production contact [email protected]


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