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InvertiGro: Growing Jobs of the Future

InvertiGro growing sustainable fresh healthy produce AND the jobs of tomorrow.

We’ve long been the ‘Lucky Country’ but global events like COVID and climate change have made it clear Australia also needs to be a smart county” – InvertiGro recently featured on Seven News ahead of the Emerge 2020 STEM and Tech Expo “designed to showcase and attract our best and brightest”.

Gemma Acton, Seven Network Finance Editor interviewed InvertiGro co-founder Paul Millett in a feature that aired on Seven News (18 November 2020). InvertiGro was highlighted as one of Australia's most innovative start-ups growing the exciting jobs of the future.

Sponsored by City of Sydney and supported by South Eveleigh, the Cicada Innovations’ flagship EMERGE2020 event was a 5-week celebration of the deep technologies being developed in Australia that are disrupting industries, revitalising our economy, creating the jobs of the future and changing the way we live. An event that InvertiGro was naturally very proud to be a part of.

This year, the theme for EMERGE was

“Deep tech is… for us… for the planet… for the future. Deep tech is NOW”

– a perfect fit for InvertiGro as we bring together plant science, advanced engineering, electronics and software to lead Australian AgTech innovations that will sustainably deliver fresh pesticide-free produce where and when it is needed, whilst also creating exciting new jobs, where and when they are needed.

The event addressed how deep tech can shape Australia’s economic recovery in the years ahead and what it’s like to work for “small companies with the audacity to take on global problems”.

Follow the link to take a virtual tour of the companies that participated in EMERGE2020, including an interview with InvertiGro co-founder, Paul Millett which provides an overview of some of the highlights in the year past and the year ahead.

You can also see Paul’s “Ask me Anything” interview as part of the event here. In the interview, Cicada Innovations' Britt Hartnett, discusses how InvertiGro is shaping and creating jobs of the future, whilst also talking about the types of produce that can be grown in InvertiGro's indoor vertical farming systems, and their many applications - both here on earth, and in space. Paul talks about what it's like and what's needed to 'cut it' working in the dynamic world of start-ups, what start-ups like InvertiGro are looking for in potential candidates, and what the future holds.

InvertiGro innovates, manufactures and supports end-to-end indoor vertical farming solutions that are revolutionising the industry, by addressing the key challenges of complexity and affordability, whilst also delivering the added benefits of flexibility and ultimate scalability.

Intern or investor, graduate or grower, if you like what you see and you think you’ve got what it takes to help us grow a greener future, we’d love to hear from you [email protected]


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