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Future-proofed Farming for Droughts

In times of droughts and flooding rains it’s a case of ‘survival of the fittest’

Australia is in the midst of one of the worst droughts in its history and with the increasing likelihood of dreaded El Nino conditions developing over the coming months, the Bureau of Meteorology is less than optimistic for any real relief on the foreseeable horizon.

But Australia is no stranger to climatic extremes, droughts have always been a part of the Australian landscape and the current ‘Big Dry’ dominating media headlines will not be our last.

The continuing and reoccurring threat of drought conditions to Australian agriculture has been recognised in the recent National Drought Summit Statement in which Prime Minister, Scott Morrison announced a Future Drought Fund with an unprecedented investment of $5bn designed to provide relief, recovery – and perhaps most importantly – resilience.

Refreshing is the shift from hand-outs to hand-ups. The recognition of the need to invest in a less vulnerable, more sustainable farming future with the allocation of funding to rethinking farming practices and encouraging the adoption of new technologies.

“The development of a new Agreement will be guided (by) .. Farming businesses and farming communities prepar(ing) for drought by enhancing their long term sustainability, resilience and risk management.” Australian Government National Drought Summit Statement

It has already been recognised that in areas of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia the traditional farming practices employed over decades and generations, simply won’t be sustainable.

“the long-term future of drought assistance can’t be divorced from judgement that ultimately [has] got to be made about the sustainability of agriculture” Economist Saul Eslake

At InvertiGro we partner with producers to future-proof their livelihoods and minimise their risks through

  • predictable high yield, high quality produce,

  • diversification of crops, and

  • reduced exposure to unpredictable environmental conditions.

InvertiGro’s fully-integrated and cost effective indoor vertical farming solutions employ a combination of hydroponics and aeroponics to grow a wide range of crops – from leafy greens and vegetables to grain sprouts for livestock fodder.

Our systems are at least 95% more water efficient than traditional farming methods; deliver more than 150 times the yield per square metre, require zero herbicides and pesticides – but best of all, are completely independent of droughts and flooding rains.


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