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Food in the Capital: part 2

This week (18/19 May 2021) Canberra played host to the Regional Development Australia ACT ‘Food in the Capital’ sustainable food conference, and InvertiGro was delighted to again be invited to attend.

The second event in a three-part series ,‘Food in the Capital’ brought together industry and government, innovators and collaborators; farmers, food producers, investors and influencers from across Australia, to further the conversation about the opportunities - and urgent need - for transformational change in our food systems to ensure their sustainability and resilience to future shocks and stresses.

The objectives of the event were to:

  • demonstrate the food industry’s role in assisting economic recovery.

  • identify leading trends in food production for cities and capacity and brand building ideas to grow the share of local food in the regional, national and global marketplace.

  • secure recognition of the need for a systemised whole-of-value-chain approach to regional food production; mapping possible paths forward for Canberra.

  • provide a compelling demonstration of the latest technologies and initiatives needed for a thriving urban/regional food system.

  • secure recognition of food’s critical role in achieving Government’s sustainability, emissions and broader economic objectives while bridging the urban-regional divide; and

  • create awareness of the food circular economy and ways to utilise and reduce food waste.

Among the presentations and panel discussions featuring some of the most prominent thought leaders and policy shapers on the future of Australia’s food systems, it was a huge privilege to see two InvertiGro growers - Jessica Stewart, Ginninderry and Elle Astrup, Foods that Love You Back presenting their vision and their pioneering business models that are powered by InvertiGro’s innovative indoor vertical farming solutions. Specifically, their presentations focussed on integrating sustainability and urban agriculture into our cities’ design and planning; and purpose-driven enterprises that can balance profit with real social impact. Other topics discussed at the event covered everything from agtech investment to tackling food waste.

Day two of the Food in the Capital conference provided the opportunity to visit a collection of local producers (from paddock to pint), the CEAT (Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology) innovation hub, and IKEA to learn about each of their different approaches to, and progress with, food innovation and sustainability.

Whilst in the nation’s capital InvertiGro co-founder Paul Millett, also caught up with ABC Radio’s Georgia Stynes for a live on-air interview about InvertiGro’s innovative indoor farming technology and the future of farming. You can listen to their conversation here.


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