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Looking to install a vertical farm
in your school, college or university?

growing and inspiring the future of our food

Benefits of having a vertical farm at my school, college or university .. 

  • Serving as a living laboratory, vertical farms provide unique and multi-disciplinary hands-on educational opportunities 

  • Promotes health and nutrition by providing year-round supplies of 'zero food miles' nutritious fresh produce for school dining halls and their students 

  • Raises awareness of food security and sustainability -  encourages environmental stewardship

  • Skilling students for future careers in agriculture, urban planning and industrial design; biology, chemistry, computer and environmental sciences 

  • Demonstration of a commitment to innovation and sustainability, attracts new students and sets your learning institution and students up to become future leaders in sustainable agriculture and contribute to building a resilient and food-secure world.

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Hands on learning

From planting to harvesting .... students have hands-on opportunities to interact and learn with InvertiGro growing solutions.

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fresh produce

Grow a range of nutritious fresh produce all year round with zero food miles and reduced packaging. No herbicides or pesticides.

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A range of
applications and disciplines

From agriculture and horticulture, biology, physics and chemistry to software, environmental studies and more!

Benefits of InvertiGro solutions for my school, college or university .. 

  • Sealed and self-contained InvertiCube growing units not only protect plants from pests (negating the need for any nasty herbicides or pesticides), but also provide controlled growing conditions for meaningful research and experiments

  • Space efficient and highly flexible systems are capable of growing (and switching between) a wide range of different crops (including food, fibres, fodder and forestry) at various stages of growth (from germination to harvesting) 

  • Industry-leading innovative and, fully integrated (hardware and software) growing solutions provide practical multi-disciplinary education opportunities for students of all ages, stages and interests.

Click here to see the InvertiCubes in action 

Learn by example

See how InvertiGro is already working with

schools, colleges and universities

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Talk to us today to discuss

your school, college or university's

needs and how InvertiGro can help

you grow and inspire the future of food


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