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GreenTech Amsterdam

11-14 June 2024

The next generation of vertical farming is here.

InvertiGro's innovative indoor farming solutions enable businesses to become

highly efficient and sustainable modern farmers - at any scale, anywhere. 

who is InvertiGro suitable for?

Crop-agnostic, flexible and scalable,

InvertiGro is suitable for anyone (almost anywhere)

looking to grow quality, flavoursome

and nutritious fresh produce

in reliable, predictable rural-scale supply 

in an efficient, sustainable and profitable way

food retailers & produce wholesalers

Looking for profitable and reliable supplies of quality fresh produce with lower food miles

food services

& caterers

Airlines, resorts, restaurants, aged care and hospitals looking to secure year-round healthy fresh produce



Looking to create integrated sustainable, connected and productive communities


& wellness

Looking for safe and secure facilities to grow high quality medicinal crops, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in a controlled environment

forestry, nursery

& seedlings

Nursery, landscaping and forestry projects looking for reliable, efficient and hardy seedling propagation

traditional farmers & greenhouses

Looking for an efficient and reliable germination and seedling production solution. 

Looking to supplement animal fodder or diversify crops and reduce exposure to unpredictable environmental conditions.

military camps, mining

& humanitarian aid

Looking for fast and flexible fresh food supplies in some of the most challenging climates and conditions

research &


Schools, universities and other research institutions looking for controlled environment agriculture solutions


Modular, sealed and stackable InvertiCubes can be easily reconfigured for the best yields, resource efficiencies and growing conditions for a wide variety of crops.


1.5m wide x 1.5m deep and 2.3m high, InvertiCubes are compatible with standard pallet racking and globally available materials handling equipment.

cubes and forklift.jpg
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