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World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

26-27 September 2023

The next generation of vertical farming is here.

InvertiGro's innovative indoor farming solutions enable businesses to become

highly efficient and sustainable modern farmers - at any scale, anywhere. 


Our InvertiWall is our productive green-wall system. Space and resource efficient, flexible and customizable it is ideally suited to point-of-sale and at-consumption applications such as in supermarkets, restaurants and resorts, schools and aged-care facilities, corporate offices and food halls. It is designed to be a showcase for the rural-scale farming taking place in nearby warehouses and basements with our InvertiCube technology.


Modular, sealed and stackable InvertiCubes can be easily reconfigured for the best yields, resource efficiencies and growing conditions for a wide variety of crops.


1.5m wide x 1.5m deep and 2.3m high, InvertiCubes are compatible with standard pallet racking and globally available materials handling equipment.

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