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The need for sustainable farming

The world is hungry for change!

Agriculture – the cultivation of crops for food – made the progression from a nomadic hunter-gatherer existence to settlements and cities possible and as such, is arguably one of man’s most significant “technological” achievements.

However, ironically – as with many advancements – the current model is not sustainable. Global farm output needs to increase 70% by 2050 if it is to meet the needs of a growing population that are at the same time depleting the necessary resources for traditional farming methods.

We are now at a tipping point. The ‘Next Gen’ of sustainable farming is crucial to ensure we don’t go hungry.

More flavoursome and nutritious quality fresh produce using less space, water, labour, time, capital and chemicals.

Greater yields with less waste.

InvertiGro's scalable, flexible, cost effective and smart indoor vertical farming solutions

  • Deliver at least 150 x the yield per m2 of traditional farms and the modular systems can be configured to utilise existing spaces to create rural-scale farms

  • Are able to produce reliable supplies of quality fresh produce 365 days a year, regardless of seasonality or climate conditions.

  • Are at least 95% more water efficient than traditional farms

  • Use Zero pesticides or herbicides. (InvertiGro’s shorter harvest cycles outpace the lifecycle of problem bugs and pests, negating the need for herbicides and pesticides)

  • Can significantly reduce food miles, transportation costs and emissions, by bringing the farm closer to the consumer

  • Are designed to allow farming novices to simply ‘plug-in and produce’, and the system’s ‘one-touch plant and pick’ design reduces manual labour.

  • Employ smart technology (AI, continuous monitoring and support) that negates the need for costly on-site agronomy or technical specialists.


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